Frequently Asked Questions

Please review answers to common questions below and feel free to contact us if we haven't answered your question.

How much does CallModo cost?

We setup a call tracking system for you on your own hosting for a one-time $1500 setup fee. You then only pay for used minutes after that.

How many phone numbers can I have?

You can customize your account to include how ever many phone numbers, phone extensions, and minutes you need.

Do you offer toll free numbers?

Yes we offer toll free and local phone numbers. Our toll free numbers are available in 866, 877, and 888 and do not cost anything additional over local numbers.

Can I setup each phone number to route to a different destination?

Yes we allow you to setup different destination phone numbers for each tracking number and each phone extension. You can also setup different text and email destination alerts for each tracking number and extension.

All packages include the following features

  • Setup multiple account users
  • Assign users to phone numbers and extensions
  • Setup text and email alerts per phone number & extension
  • Setup welcome greetings per phone number and extension
  • Setup source intros you will hear before a call connects
  • Get enhanced contact information about your callers
  • View and listen to calls from your dashboard
  • Reports that display calls by source and date range
  • Export caller data and contacts to Excel
  • CRM for keeping track of contacts created from calls